Oriental Medicine explained

In the perspective of the Oriental medicine, there are three dimensions : They are spiritual, Chi (energy), and physical level. These three are interrelated. For example, if you are stressed, a disharmony forms in the psychological aspect. This will bring about imbalance in energy level. In turn, will come physical changes or disease. More specifically, stress brings about emotional discomfort, then headaches, stiff neck etc. Eventually physical manifestations such as problem in the blood circulation or high blood pressure can occur. The Chi (energy) function in intermediate level bridges spiritual and physical levels. Acupuncture and many herbs function in the Chi level. Another important concept in the oriental medicine is integrity. As noted above, three levels are totally interrelated. Their interrelatedness within the body exists like a network. We human being, are perceived as totally integral organisms. In the body, the internal organs such as heart, lung, stomach and kidney etc. are considered the center or source much like a generator, where energy is produced. The produced energy flows through the meridians, pathways, to all parts of the body. Therefore, nothing exists independently or separate in our body. For instant, in case of eye disease, the source of the eye energy is liver. If there is heat in liver, one may experience the irritable, pink or dry eye. In the worst case, glaucoma may develop. If a doctor concentrate only on the eye and neglects the source , the liver , the fundamental solution cannot be found. For another example, one's kidney energy is deficient, one may experience lower back pain or various problems in the bone such as arthritis and osteoporosis so on. In order to cure these problems, one's energy in the kidney should be tonified. One must be aware that the concept of internal organ in the oriental medicine involve not only the somatic organs of the western medicine but also the energy and even spiritual aspects. In the oriental medicine, acupuncture is performed on the points where the energy congregates in the Chi pathway so that it balance the energy in the manner of tonifying deficiency, sedating the excess or dispelling heat for the energy of the organs involved. 

*Explanation on the 4 types of Acupuncture*

Sa Am Five Element acupuncture


Traditional Body Acupuncture

As explained above, it is the principle of the Oriental medicine that the root, the internal organ should be treated as the source of the problem no matter how varied or serious the symptoms appear. For instance, in the case of arthritis, the root of the disorder can be the kidney since the kidney is considered the storage organ where the fundamental energy and essential fluids are produced and preserved. The concept of kidney in the Oriental medicine includes not only the anatomical one of western medicine, but also the storage of the energy. Consequently, if one’s energy is depleted due to aging, overwork, or excessive sex, kidney energy and its essential fluids become deficient. Then numerous disorders of the bone appear as bone marrow problems, osteoporosis , worn cartilage, arthritis or back pain etc. In the common acupuncture, the acu points around the diseased joints, such as finger, wrist, elbow and knee are treated primarily. This method is called symptomatic treatment. Then some points in relation to internal organs will be added with the lack of the systematic principle or may not be added at all. This level of the acupuncture can still be effective for the acute case or for non serious cases. However, when one’s condition reaches to the serious state, this is not effective enough because it cannot cure the root, that is, the imbalance of the internal organ. On the other hand, the only focus in the Sa am Five element acupuncture is treating the related internal organ, for instance, imbalance of kidney in the above cases. The acu points in the parts where symptoms appear are untouched because once the root is cured, its branches, the symptoms, will disappear automatically, no matter how serious they appear. In this acupuncture, the Five element points which are essential for controlling the internal organs are selected in accordance with the very systematic rules of Yin & Yang and Five element. These points are located on the limbs from the knee to the toes and from the elbow to the fingers, and only four points are used for each organ. So, it brings about maximum effect with minimum insertion of needles. In Dr. Chung’s extensive comparative studies and clinical research, this is the superior form of acupuncture to treat serious and chronic diseases such as arthritis, spinal disorders, eye diseases including glaucoma, heart disorders, insomnia, urinarydisorders, prostate diseases, stroke and more. With this acupuncture, patient’s experience transcends beyond the limit of common forms of acupuncture. 

Chinese Tung’s Family Acupuncture 

This acupuncture is good for tuning up the whole body. For instance, when one is stressed, the fire energy forms. In the perspective of Oriental medicine, our body is considered as a micro cosmos that reflects the entire universe. Therefore, what happens in nature occurs in our body as well. As fire in nature flares up, internal fire energy tends to flare up attacking the upper part of the body. As a result, one experiences a stuffy chest, shoulder pain, stiff neck, headache, various eye diseases, etc. When one’s body is flared up by fire, there are powerful methods to expel the heat using this acupuncture. Then, Five element Acupuncture may be added to focus on the specific problem in more serious cases. This acupuncture is also effective in many instances of stomach disorders, sciatica and obesity 

Koryo Hand Acupuncture 

This is one of the most popular forms of acupuncture in the Far East besides traditional body acupuncture. In comparative research, it has shown to be effective especially in cases of acute muscular injuries such as sprains and gynecological disorders such as menstrual cramps and hemorrhoid 

Facial Rejuvenation

In this reflexology type of acupuncture, the hand is considered as a micro cosmos reflecting the entire body. Only the thin needles are inserted 1 to 2mm in depth, and only in the hand. But this is effective in many disorders, especially those of the stomach. It is suitable for children, patients who lack energy and those who are afraid of needles. As explained in brief, she selects the optimal treatment method for each patient based on her extensive comparative studies and long clinical research and experience. Many times she combines different types of acupuncture to intensify the effectiveness of her treatments. 

Reduce the look of fine lines, Winkle and lifting skin by quickly firming and toning facial muscles. Nowadays women and men wants health and beautiful looking no matter what age. Facial acupuncture help by promoting quick collagen production and instantly stimulating local circulation, Facial Acupuncture revitalizes your appearance. Consequently, you gain a radiant self-confidence that others will notice!


  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (60minits, 2x per week for 6 weeks) 

  • A Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Brush and basic skin care essentials from Facial Cleanser, Vitamin A Serum, Vitamin C Serum, Ageless Beauty Peptide Lotion, and Daytime Moisturizer.

  • Also customized Aromatherapy during your session and complimentary Face/Scalp Tui Na Massage at the end of each treatment. (A $375 value!)

  • Expectation Minimizes the appearance of Fine Lines and wrinkles, Reduces Frown Lines, Tightens Pores (recommend Skin Spin Roller at home), Increases Collagen Production, Brightens the Eyes, Improves Muscle Tone, Relieves Muscle Tension in Facial Muscles, Improves Skin Health, Slows the Aging Process


A holistic way to improving your Beauty!

Aracular Acupuncture
(Ear Acupuncture)
Aracular Acupuncture (Ear Acupuncture) is the stimulation ear acupuncture points that influence of the body and specific areas. The ear contains microsystem of the body. By doing acupuncture on the ear, it helps diagnosis and treat health conditions in other areas of the body.


Cupping is sucking on skin surface to move blocking Qi and Blood flow or remove stasis of toxic in the skin to prevent disease or treat. It might cause bruising which depends on your health condition. It helps to reduce pain, stress, muscle tightness, and improve immune system, etc.


Facial Rejuvenation Before and After

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